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Spring BlazeDS Integration (SBI) – A Glance

There were times your friend would have advised you to switch other technologies as they have thought flex could not do much with enterprise world. But time proved them wrong. Thereafter even though it was possible we had to spent lot of time in configuring server side settings rather than implementing the functionality. Examples such as defining destination in remoting-config.xml and if you had been using Spring framework, you should have been included SpringFactory class (which allows to call spring bean via remote object call). And its your time to say aloud ” YES WE CAN ” as Spring-BlazeDS integration made our life easier in the enterprise world.

The phenomenal achievement of SBI is allowing the remote object component to use spring bean as destination. To put it simple, it directly wires the spring beans to remote object calls. There are also two other component plays vital role in the flex-spring integration. One is DispatcherServlet which bootstraps the application context xml file (a place where we configure a spring bean declaratively) and the another one is MessageBroker, a SBI component which handles all the Http messages from flex client via DispatcherServlet.

And all these together sets a base to develop a rich internet enterprise application which does not eat up much resources as we have been using Spring framework (also known as light weight container).

Note : If you would like to try your hands on  flex – spring integration, i suggest you to go through the below links. I hope it would help you to get started as i got benefited.

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