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Change is inevitable

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi everybody,

Hope everyone doing good in their respective fields. i could not write single post in the past ten months due to various reasons. But still i could see good number of visitors checking my blog and hope it would help them in some way. I strongly believe that my content speaks lot more than what i do and thanks for your continuous support.

Here by i would like to tell you all that i was not working in flex technology for a year. Its really painful that i could not help people who raise questions at me. At the same time, whenever there is end of one there is beginning of another. Yes I really like the idea of sharing my ideas and i would not stop doing it.  I am gonna start writing posts about the technology which i am currently working on “Data warehousing“.

Data warehousing is another emerging technology which all IT firms keen on capturing market and have great demand for developers. In coming months, i would like to tell you more about the technologies, practices and pain areas which i have encountered. Lets get ready folks. Something good is really awaiting.

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