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Augmented Reality and my tough times

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi everybody! I have been trying my hands on flar-toolkit (flex based augmented reality libarary) for quite some time. Initially i went through some of the examples in web to get started but once i got in to it, i felt it was not much easier as i thought. The app which i have been working demanded me to work with multiple markers and i have tried to accomplish with flar manager which is a framework of augmented reality for flash based on saqoosha flar-toolkit library and it had bunch of examples which helped me to pass through the first puzzle thrown at me.

The next one was detecting the markers in the order in which it has been placed. I had examples and references in web to got through my first puzzle but this time i realized that i was on my own. But the year of experience in flex helped me to got through this one. Yes I managed to achieve it by ordering the markers based on its x and y coordinate which would be the first thing strike in your mind if you have been part of flash platform.

The last one was the worst nightmare i went through in my recent times. Actually what i wanted to do was, had to do computation with detected markers and show my result as 3D object which doesnt have any corresponding marker. I just wanted to add it to the scene but it was not so easy as i have been telling. The reason was whenever markers were detected, computation would be done followed by 3D model would be added to scene. Just imagine how many times it would get executed and how many children would get added in a second. Further more what if it would be, if you could not clear up the old 3D models ? . Yes thats what i went through actually and my app started to respond as my old girl friend (sorry i dint have one)  i.e. i would have to wait indefinitely to get her reply.

But in my case it was not necessary to show up 3D model as i needed to show an integer value as result but we were decided to use 3D model earlier as it would bring 3D feel. When we had been looking for alternate solution i stumbled upon Text3D class in papervision 3D but it dint help me to bring what was expected. Then i tried to fix the issue in 3D model until i found TextField3D class in away 3D which was more look alike what i have been looking for.

Finally I have created only one instance of TextField3D class and used to update the result by setting its text property. Yup i told myself i got escaped and completed the task successfully. However i would have been more happy if i have found the fix for 3D model memory leaking  but i dint have patience and perseverance to get it done thats where I realized i am easily giving up instead of fighting for it and felt myself that i must develop so called ” never say die attitude” to stay alive in the race.  Thank you reading my horrible experience. lolz!!!

Disclaimer : Hereby i am not criticizing  anyone library, in fact i admire them and seeing them as my ideal. So whatever i have been posted here it was personal experience and even you may call it as my inability to get it done.


Augmented Reality (or) Computer Generated Reality

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Are you the one who amazed when you have watched the alien warship dashboard in films ? Are you the one who asked yourself “is it possible in real time ?” when arnold was scanning environment as he was walking, in the Terminator sequel. Some of you might not be, but i am really longing to develop like these ?. Imagine, how would it be interacting with web without computer and you  just sees the data in virtual screen ?. Yes we can make it possible all of these  using  Augmented reality (AR).

What does it mean ?

It superimpose graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over real world environment in real time and allows to interact with three dimensional computer generated graphics.It blurs the line between what is real and what computer program gives you to feel, smell and hear which is actually not real. In short, it combines the physical world and three dimensional virtual world.

Where was it started-off ?

It is originated from virtual reality also known as user’s physical reality. Its an virtual environment that is generated by program and rendered to the user in such a way that the user ignores belief and accepts it as a real environment. VR  is primarily experienced through two of the five senses: sight and sound.

At first augmented reality applications found his way in to mobile platform especially IPhone and Android OS based mobiles. One of the applications is Layar, which examines the real world environment,  process it and projects the relevant information in computer generated graphics. The other worth mentioning application is Wikitude which retrieves the information from Wikipedia.

Later MIT Media Lab came with brilliant device named sixth sense which processes the image, gathers GPS coordinates and pulls data from the Internet and then projecting information onto the surface in front of the user.

Where would it go from here ?

Now augmented reality is getting adopted in all the possible areas ranging from gaming to military devices all around the globe. It will surely redefine all the gadgets so far invented, in the way it looks and works. Because it provides rich user interface by adding colors and effects and make the users to experience reality and also the computer generated graphics (sorry!!! computer generated reality) is less expensive with current technology so it would not find any barrier in its way.

I hope, few years down the line we don’t need multiple gadgets to make our life easier, all in one would become reality with the help of augmented reality. Thank you for reading this post.