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Origins of flex application

Hi folks!!!, we do always compare between flex and flash as they are two other technologies and we always thinking that what we cant do in flash that can do by flex. Here the conclusion for the people who have still doubts about the differences between flash and flex.

There is nothing flash cant do, that flex can do. Both flex and flash application will be compiled in to .swf object and the flash player (run time environment of .swf) will execute swf file with th help of AVM2 (ActionScript virtual machine). So the only difference is the way you are creating application and not how it behaves.

In fact, root application of any flex application is System manager which is responsible for managing and handling flex application. It itself subclass of flash.display.movieclip which is a one of the class in flash which will have timeline and the timeline in turn will have many frames which will contain the content to display when the user runs.

But in flex, the system manager will have only two frames and they are preloader & flex application. When application starts executing, the system manager will create an instance of preloader and the preloader will start loading flex application & run time shared libraries. Once it has been loaded, the preloader will notify the system manager & the system manager will create an instance to main flex application. The application will initialize and layout the child components and once it has been done its task, the application will notify the preloader which will notify the system manager. At last the system manager will remove the preloader from its display list and will add flex application in display list.

You are developing flex application whether using flex or flash, after compilation it will be in form of .swf (to be precise it will be in the form of byte code) which will be executed by flash player which doesn’t know neither flash nor flex, but it knows how to interpret byte code and it executes flex and flash based applications.

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